Salisbury Fencing Club

About Salisbury FC

The club is now closed for the summer break. The first session of the next term will be on Wednesday the 4th of September.

Getting There

The club meets at the Salisbury Sea Cadets, which is located in Churchill Gardens with the entrance off Churchill Way South (A338). Postcode: SP2 8AA.

Term Dates

This year the club running dates are as follows:

Term Commencing Finishing
Autumn Wednesday 4th Sep 2019 Wednesday 11th Dec 2019
Spring Wednesday 8th Jan 2020 Wednesday 1st Apr 2020
Summer Wednesday 22nd Apr 2020 Wednesday 24th Jun 2020

Club sessions will run from 6:30pm until 7:30pm for juniors and adults at beginner levels. Intermediate and advanced fencers of all ages will fence from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Beginners' Information

The club offers intensive 6-week courses for the complete novice to introduce the sport and get you up to speed. The course costs just £30 in total for the full 6 weeks and is very popular. Please ensure that you book your place well in advance of the start date to secure your place.

TermCommencingStart Time
AutumnWed 11th Sep 20196:30pm

All potential fencers attending on a beginners' course and also established junior fencers must arrive at 6:30pm. with junior beginners finishing at 7:30. Established junior and adult fencers and adult beginners then have the option of continuing to fence and having coaching up until 9:30pm. Payment will be due on the first evening of the course. All cheques should be made payable to Salisbury Fencing Club and must be paid on the first day before commencing a course. This course fee covers the loan of all necessary fencing equipment, coaching and the Club's insurance.

Membership fees for the 2019-20 season

The membership fees for this season are as follows.

Full SeasonTermlyNightly
Salisbury Sea Cadets£200.00 £95.00 £75.00 £70.00 £10.00
Juniors (under 20)£230.00 £110.00 £85.00 £80.00 £10.00
Senior Citizens (over 60)£230.00 £110.00 £85.00 £80.00 £10.00
Students at College/University£230.00 £110.00 £85.00 £80.00 £10.00
Adults£260.00 £120.00 £100.00 £90.00 £10.00

Paying for the full season in one payment in advance saves each fencer at least £40 over the three terms. The £10 session fee is payable by guests or visiting fencers who are not paid-up members of the club.

Club Rules


Swords can be dangerous to you, your opponent and any spectators, so please abide by the following rules:

  • No-one is to carry their sword in such a manner that it is dangerous to anyone else (eg. waving it around or walking with the blade in the air or outstretched)
  • No sword fencing is allowed at all unless a mask is being worn
  • Hard hitting with any weapon when fencing will not be tolerated
  • Please ensure that a glove is worn - it can be painful if you do not
  • Beginners must wear a club under-plastron and all established fencers should purchase their own.
  • Shorts are not permitted when fencing a bout.


The cost of replacing broken equipment has now become an expensive thing and it is something the club cannot really afford. Therefore for any breakages which occur it is asked that a small percentage of the cost of the broken item is met by the fencer who was using it. Current costs are £5.00 for a non-electric blade and £10.00 for an electric blade. Cost of damage to other equipment by negotiation. Please give all money of this nature to the club equipment officer, and all cheques should be made payable to Salisbury Fencing Club.


Members can use any of the club's equipment free of charge on normal club evenings or if representing the club in a team event, but with the proviso that the club's electrical equipment can only be used when fencing an actual electrical bout.

Members would be expected to begin purchasing come of their own kit after six months in order to release club equipment for other beginners, and also to reduce excessive wear and tear of the club's equipment

To ensure that all fencers have the opportunity and equal use of all our electrical equipment, no-one should use the electrics for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Please be fair to others and keep a check on the time that you spend on the piste.

Hire of Equipment

A club member can hire club equipment for an individual competition at an overall cost of £10 prior to the event with any loss or breakages being met by the hirer. A refundable deposit of £10 is required prior to taking the equipment.


Please ensure that all jackets used by yourself are returned to the cupboards after use and are hung and zip/buttoned on a hanger. As a jacket costs between £60 - £70 we ask that they not be just thrown on the floor or in any of the cupboards. Only the electric sabre jackets are to be hung up in cupboards.


Again, please return all weapons that are used to the rack after use in a neat and tidy way. Please report any breakages as soon as they happen to the equipment officer. Please do not put broken weapons back in the rack. Any malfunctioning electrical weapons can also be handed in for checking.

British Fencing Association Membership

All fencers serious in their sport should become individual members of this association for all the benefits that are gained and information received. It is also a compulsory requirement when competing in all the major competitions which are outside of the club situation. Application forms can be obtained from Terri Westlake. It is also possible to join online at the BFA website.

Club Documents

The following documents are available for the perusal of club members.